Since the ninetie's the family company belonged to the italian leather goods of Florence with the production of leather bags.

The improvement of quality was made thanks to a siginificant evolution. From a handcrafted company it turned out to become a commercial sector.

The commercial company started and became part in the leather goods world between 2000/2001.

Mainly the company's activity was supposed to provide a service of Import/Export, in order to expand the horizont of the leather goods and the italian products.

For years the company has given the support to plenty italian and foreign lether goods, gibing them the possibility to extend their own markets with their products all over the world.

Thanks to the matured experience during the years and to become an important company in this field, up to this day it counts hundreds of resellers and distributors.

Being always constant with the time beings and with the new distribution systems, the brand PEDIGO Firenze was born (distributed by Pedigo Distribution), thanks to which the company has reached its completness of distribution:

- Sales to the private customer
- Sales to the reseller
- Sales of Drop Shipping for the private customer and for the reseller (more than one delivery addresses)
- Private Label service for the reseller (customized production)
- Sales to distributors and Importers
- Import/Export

Furthermore to those kind of selling services, thanks to their partners, the company offers the maximum excellence in shipping services, product guarantee and payment conditions.

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